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Default Re: show off your snare

Wow some very cool snares in this thread - here's my go-to...
5.5x14 Steel Keplinger. My goal when ordering this drum, was to get off of the snare drum merry-go-round... I had lots of really good snares - but nothing truly great (except my deedub) - this Keppy sounds incredible. This drum is so versatile, I just don't need a big collection anymore. I'm much happier with just a couple of great drums - feels good to thin the herd.
Anyway, I'm really moving more towards heavier shell drums, in this case the extra mass gives these snares a nice dose of low end. It still has that brightness of steel - and great sensitivity - but also a fat low note too. Lots of fun to play, and sounds great in any room!

If I need something woody, my other main snare is a DW Jazz Series... This is an early, pre-jazz series badge model that came with my kit... Nice dry, woody sound... records great, and loud!
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