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Default Re: ...for the jazz cats ...

Hey guys,

Been a while.
Nice to see a "Jazz only" thread here.
Good idea.
I'm pretty much a Jazz guy these days, who's history mimics Gvdadrummasum's.
I go about it a little differently, though.
For starters I play Ludwig and Paiste, yet get some nice results.
I play left footed, so I'm FOREVER transposing lessons, but after this much time, I'm used to it.
Been watching some interesting vids on youtube lately.
I especially like this one utilizing the paradiddle-diddle.
Played a little differently than I remember, but it's been a while, so I'm obviously wrong.
In other news, found this cool website.
Also, bought a wonderful compilation album called "Arrival"...

Features Herb Ellis, Joe Pass, Ray Brown and Jake Hanna.
It's a compilation of two live albums this group did, which were - Seven Come Eleven and Jazz Concord.
Next purchases will be coated Weathermaster Heavy for the snare drum and VF AJ2 sticks. I wanna compare them to the 5a's I have now.

That's about it from me!

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