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Originally Posted by Stephan View Post
I think Chad is amazing, his groove is rock-solid, he has a really deep pocket and the guy plays so musically. He's my biggest inspiration as well. I grew up on RHCP, and I learned to play the drums along to Blood Sugar Sex Magic.

He's is no technical master, but do not underestimate his skills, his single stroke roll is super fast. He's got a wicked right foot technique too.

Next to that, he's such a nice guy. Even with his high profile, he maintains a down-to-earth image and personality ... I've met him on a few occasions, and he will sign every autograph until every fan is satisfied, even if it takes him 2 or more hours.

Chad Smith's hand technique is very natural, flowing and will last him a life time. Watch his fulcrum grip in his "Red Hot Method" VHS/DVD. His thumbs are off the stick, touching first knuckle of middle finger, and the fulcrum is in the middle to ring finger. I assume he plays with the last 2 fingers of the stick gripping the stick as well--very Tony Williams like.

He also uses a very Moeller-like arm whipping technique when playing full-bore. Thats how (along with his very long arms) gets such a loud and great sound behind the kit.

Again, don't under estimate Chad. A great player and ambassador to the drumming community. His performance on Blood Sugar Sex Magik, and "Deep Kick" on One Hot Minute is amazing.
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