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Default Is Steel Panther Punk-Metal - If yes, what is Punk-Metal??

Hey guys,

weeks ago a friend of mine showed me the band Steel Panther. I haven't heard about them before but I think they are really funny and I like the style of the guitarist.

My friend said they play "Punk-Metal" but I never heard about such a genre. He explained that they have ironic, provocative lyrics like punkbands from the 80's but at the same time the riffs are more metal-like.

I did some research on it an couldn't find much about it. In an interview the guitarist Satchel talks a lot about Van Halen and he explains some of his techniques. For me it all sounds like 80's Glamrock like Van Halen, bit a little bit polished with dirty lyrics. In genreal he is not only influenced by Van halen, I think he almost steals their sound.

What do you think about the group? What style is it? Is my friend right with his "Punk-metal"-talk?

Btw, the interview is from a German website, I think. But the videos are in English.
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