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Default Re: Yamaha Stage Custom Bebop

A couple more quick comments on these drums. IMO, the toms really sing with the stock coated heads, when tuned a little on the high side.
This was a surprise to me, because I thought I'd have to change the heads on them right away. Maybe it's the inch shorter depth, and the coated heads on them as compared to the standard Stage Customs - I don't know. The standard SC's sound better tuned a bit lower.

The bass drum sounds just fine to me with the stock heads too. It's got punch galore, and while you'll never get window rattling lows from it, it does what it's supposed to do just fine.

Ramblerboy: if you work with the stock heads a little and can't get what you're looking for, you could try the head changes you're considering.
If new heads still don't do it for you, there's another option besides dumping them for something else.
With the Stage Custom series, you can get individual drums. So if you find that you can only get the sound you want with a larger bass drum, you could order one separately, or try to find one used that matches what you have. Best of both worlds that way.
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