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i hate rush. And i hate neil pearts drumming. I'm not saying it's crap, i just hate it.

he has a weak drum sound, his fills are boring and repetitive, he doesn't groove, he uses electronics - which i hate because they sound cheesy and weak... he's technically great, or at least to me he is, but he isn't very creative. At least, not compared to Ringo, or Vinnie, or Tim Alexander (3 of my faves)

his double bass stuff is pretty boring, too

but i guess i'm biased because i hate rush and their over the top cheese flavoured sound... i prefer the cheese you can eat, not the stuff you can listen to, like rush.

I really hate that song The Trees, i hate the metaphor... they take themselves way too seriously, especially in that song (a song like that shouldn't be serious)

And Bravado is another one that rates highly on the suckiness scale to my ears


and they have such a crap, CRAP name!! "Rush" ..?!??!?!!
not that it matters, but still

oh and btw... that's all IMO, so don't call me "wrong"

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