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Default Re: Introduce Yourself

real name: Sebastian John Lewis Tull
age: 15
how long been playing: 4 years
origin of user name: just like the name! lol
top 5 drummers: nor in order >> Taylor Hawkins, Tre Cool, Buddy Rich, Joey Jordison, Steve Smith etc...
make of drumkit: at the moment Hohner Percussion but im buying a new drum kit soon..
make of cymbal: Zildijan ZBT Plus and a Meinl splash cymbal
where do you practice: in my loft (where my drum kit is) and anywhere else on a practice pad
are you in a band/s: Yes
covers or originals: Both
what style of music: Rock, punk and a bit metal
favourite take out food: Italian
country: England
one really odd fact about yourself: i have been in 3 bands and im 15! lol
how did you start drumming: i started by playing cello for about 6 or so years thengave it up because i wanted to discover new types of music as orchestral stuff isn't really my thing. so i saw a drum tution poster on my schools musical bord and started drums from then! :)
I use:
Yamaha DTXTreme 2s


Tama Twin Iron Cobra Pedals