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Default Re: The Grand Master Buddy Rich

Originally Posted by mattsmith
Its somethin' about being around him I think Totem. Elvin knew him as a kid and he saw him a bunch. My dad played in his band and hated his guts. People say he even got in a cussing match with him one time. But dad worships him as a player and talks just like Elvin about him. When people talk about other drummers bein' better than him, dad just thinks thats funny.

The "saw him up close people" see him almost like he was a magic man. He had a spell on people I think. I don't think the Bonham hardcores are as hardcore and they have better videos to draw from. The old school is right. If you want to understand Buddy's greatness listen to recordings and stay off the video. they're good but not as good as that stuff.

But still, I don't know totem. Maybe they're right. Like your sayin' Buddy was the best in "his time.' But wasn't his time the greatest time for drummers ever? About the opinions, can't people actually figure out whose best based on standards we all accept? I don't know man. I need to think about this.
I can totally see the "up close" effect Buddy could've left on people back in the day no doubt...I mean NOBODY was doing the things Buddy was doing back then, and then you actually witness it...I must have been breathtaking...I see "oldschollers" regaurding Buddy as the best there ever will be as kind of a Babe Ruth effect...I talk to alot of old baseball buffs who all reaguard Babe Ruth as the best ever, and I argue with them non-stop...Babe Ruth was the best of HIS TIME...The game has evolved so much since then...You have athletes who excell in almost every phase of the game, and they have to do it agaist much better competition...

Do I beleive that Buddy's time was the greatest time for drummers ever? Not at all...I think we're living in that time right now...The explosion of "over the top" drummers in the last 10 years is like it has never been...The advancements in the industry are at a level never sceen before, and we happen to live in a time where soooo many drummers are able to share information and communicate with one another (hence drummerworld)...Drumming has been going nowhere but up since Buddy, and Buddy has ALOT to do with that...The standards he set were able to push drumming to where it is today...IMO it's at a much higher level...

And IMO I don't think we can ever say who is the BEST...Drumming is far to wide open to limitless options to say who is best...
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