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lsits here. (lower case "L")

Been lurking for a few weeks because of all the problems at the HC forums and I have to get my fix. I checked out most of the other drum forums out there and this seemed like the best fit.

My kits: 1. A 60's era Gretsch / Rogers hybrid kit that I made modifications to when I was young and stupid. Not worth a lot of money as a collector's kit but is perfect as a player's kit.

2. Yamaha Stage Custom birch kit in natural wood finish. Bought it brand new in 2011. Stunningly beautiful to look at and sounds great.

Cymbals: All Zildjian A's. The newest one I bought in 1985. Two rides (22 & 20), a 17" medium thin crash, a 16" medium crash and a set of 16" New Beat hi-hats.

Hardware: A mixture of Tama, Pearl, Yamaha, Gretsch, and Gibraltar with a Ludwig Speed King and a Gibraltar strap drive pedal that I paid $30 for at Guitar Center.

Looking forward to joining the discussion.
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