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Default Re: First baby due next Friday...

Originally Posted by Wackamole View Post
And I'm wondering, does anyone else find the gutteral screams you see on all the birth videos kind of hilarious in a really nervous kind of way? I have this thing where whenever I get nervous or don't know what to do with myself or uncomfortable I go into hysterical laughing, and I'm thinking this MAY not go over too well in the birthing room. Any ideas?
Don't laugh while she is screaming dude. You'll regret that for years to come. That's almost worse than falling asleep in the lobby during the delivery. Thankfully that's never happened to me but did happen to a buddy. Poor guy has that looming over his head every time new baby conversations come up.

I endured the screaming directly in my ear. I just tried to focus on keeping my wife cool. She was sweating and burning up. A cool wash cloth on her face, though very minuscule to the pain she's enduring helps a tiny bit. I resisted the weird ass request from a nurse to touch my daughters head and hair while the top of her head was still coming out. I said, it's ok I'll play with her hair when she's out but was screaming in my head ARE YOU F###ING CRAZY B*#%^?? THAT'S THE GROSSEST THING I'VE EVER HEARD!! YOU F-IN PSYCO!!!!

Daughters are the best thing in the world. You're blessed man and hope all goes well with it.
Get sleep while you still can and if you don't have one....get a sound machine for baby and USE IT! You'll thank me someday. I'm still thanking my friend who got us one still to this day.
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