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Default Re: The Grand Master Buddy Rich

Originally Posted by DogBreath
Sounds like you both agree with most of what has already ben posted in this thread. You did notice that the name of the thread is "The Grandmaster Buddy Rich"?
I respect that Dogbreath. But even on a thread of such vaunted title, 16 posts from the last page alone either debated the veracity of the total Rich legacy or openly sought to identify an imagined weakness. It's a strange twist of fate considering his almost untouchable status just a decade ago.

Over the years I have noticed the respectful level and diversified nature of the adamant Rich support base. This is in stark contrast to the cult based factions observed on other threads, who seem interested in their hero and their hero alone, and in doing so contribute little to the totality of drum set experience. I have never met a true Rich supporter who did not admire and respect the whole picture, and because of their diversified nature contributed mightily to the overall percussion based landscape.

The Rich legacy that makes such good works possible, rests on the totemic status of its leader. IMO, for that reason alone, historical inaccuracies tarnish the ongoing progress of the genre as a whole.
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