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Default Re: First baby due next Friday...


Dude..why would you want to get out of changing napies.?Thats part of being a dad,and not just a parent.

My youngest is 32,and it seems like yesterday the I was changing her,and it was one of my first thoughts as I watched her graduate from law school Summa Cum Laude.

Their time under your roof goes by the the blink of an eye,and once the're born....the world and your life in it changes forever.

Spend all the time you possibly can with your kids.You can never take enough photos or videos.Your new job to be the best dad you can be.It take constant work,and everyday attention.

This is a rare opportunity to be a hero to someone else,so never less than 100% is what you have to give.You'll be a better man for it...:)

Steve B
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