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Default Re: First baby due next Friday...

Originally Posted by Pocket-full-of-gold View Post
Biggest laugh I ever had was watching our "birth plan" fly out the window quick smart when the proverbial hit the fan and we swung into action.
Utterly true. Once things get underway, you're both simply along for the ride. The process is designed by nature, & there's bugger all you can do to significantly influence anything. What will be, will be.

Birthday warnings:

1/ Getting too far into your spouses personal space when she's in pain, believing you are showing empathy, will result in serious injury.

2/ Slipping out to the pub, or any other male distraction, because her first labour has become protracted/boring, will entail a heavy lifelong price being paid.

3/ Just because she doesn't need you right now, doesn't mean she won't need you in 5 seconds time, wether she actually does or not.

4/ Fainting/passing out will result in years of ridicule, especially from your mates.

5/ Trying the gas/air mix will result in you looking like an idiot.

6/ She will expect flowers/card/balloons, etc the moment the mess is cleared up. Buy in advance!

In all seriousness, just do the best you can. She'll see that in you, & she does value you being there & supporting, irrespective of what she says ;)

Ok, sorting out baby cleaning duties. Just get straight on with it. It's not difficult. It's only smelly stuff, & you can wash it off afterwards. It really should be the least of your worries. You're a drummer FFS, just get it sorted out & move on. Nappy changing wimp displays are for vocalists & guitarists ;)

The very best to both of you. This is real special. Savour all of it.

Originally Posted by bobdadruma View Post

The only thing that I wasn't good at was waking up when the baby cried at night.
I would sleep right through it.
It used to get under the Misses skin!
She thought that I was faking being asleep to get out of bottle duty.
Both mine were on boob juice for about 9 months, & from then onwards, they slept right through anyhow. That didn't get me off the hook though, as I got up at the same time as my wife, & made her a cup of tea to sup after baby had fed. I cut a pretty mean single stroke with the breast pump too :)
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