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Default Re: First baby due next Friday...

Originally Posted by Wackamole View Post
Also, wife won't let me play any screamo on birthing music playlist, also any suggestions.
Biggest laugh I ever had was watching our "birth plan" fly out the window quick smart when the proverbial hit the fan and we swung into action.

It's a nice pipe dream, but rates as about the least practical suggestion I've ever fact I'm convinced the concept was invented by someone who's never had kids. Take it as it comes my friend......that's the very best advice I can offer.

Originally Posted by Wackamole View Post
Also, excuses to get out of changing nappies?
I was actually cunning enough to think up a few. But you'll find that there's a trade off between really not wanting to get crap on your hands and really not wanting your precious little one wallowing in their own filth. You'll surprise yourself at how easy it is to "rise above" this one.

Congrats......and best of luck (you can't get enough of that one!!)

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