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Hey Everyone-As most of you know New York, Staten Island and New Jersey got hit very hard by Super Storm Sandy. I am lucky that I had no damage just no Power for a week. Alot of my friends have had major damage and some even lost their homes. My parents lost the first floor of their place. It was and I know still is very hard for alot of people. I asked my self what can I do to help and I think one way is to put my last CD "Dhama" up for sale on the web site called Band Camp.
ALL money raised from the sale of the full CD or just single tracks will go to help out all of the South Shore of Long Island. The Stephen Siller Tunnel To Towers Foundation is a great foundation that lets you choose were to send the Money and supplies. This is were I am going to send whatever I raise. Thanks in advance and I hope you enjoy the music!!!

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