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Originally Posted by Freddie Freeloader
also, one album everyone should check out is the john mclaughlin trio 'live at the royal festival hall' with gurtu on drums and kai eckhardt on bass... infact, if i'm not mistaken, that album is one of vinnie colaiuta's favourite albums.
Really? That's weird. I had a video of the whole McLaughlin/Gurtu/Eckhard thing and I thought it was stunningly dull, even as somebody who normally likes Trilok Gurtu and occasionally likes John McLaughlin. Lots of chops, but not much else. Apart from Trilok in his bastard-ugly-mustache phase.

I've got another video of Trilok's band playing somewhere in France and it's awesome. Far better than that McLaughlin gig. Not just on the music front, Trilok is playing a whole load better too. He's using a bass drum too!
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