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Default Re: show off your snare

Here is my one-of-a-kind Buffalo Snare. I bought a cheap ($39 new!) Remo Buffalo Drum (hand drum) and screwed a set of snare wires into it. The Buffalo Drum shell is made of Acousticon and the head is Fiberskyn, both proprietary materials that Remo invented that are water, temperature and weather proof. After 13 months of playing, there isn't even a mark on the head. The head is bonded to the shell and there is no hardware on this drum. It weighs about one and a half pounds. I used a 20 strand Puresound snare. I cut one of the ends off as well as about 4 inches of the snare wire. I attached the remaining end to the shell with a screw. There is no throw off so this is a full time snare drum. This drum is super dry and tasteful! No bottom head=lots of projection to cut through the mix. I've used it for qute a few gigs and it sounds amazing. Very "studio" like - just a great snap and no reverb. The snares don't rattle at all. I've had to replace the tape holding the snares twice in the last year. Not bad for 39 bucks. I won't use any other snare now - this one just sounds too good!
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