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Default Re: Yet another mic thread.


I'm just about to buy some mics too and have been trying to do as much research as possible. I'm not recording with any band but I've been setting things up in my basement to do some recordings. Some of the threads here have talked about the Nady mic packs, CAD mic packs, and Samson, Shure, etc. so I'm sure you'll get better advice from what limited knowledge I have of them too. I'm still learning....

For under $200 you can get several mics from Nady or Cad. I'm looking at the Nady after most reviews from Musiciansfriend had slightly better quality. there were a few more negative comments on the Cad pack. I've heard a few samples from other drummers here, I think Scott was one who used the Nady package and his clips sounded great. I agree from below that the AKG112 for kick and Shure SM57 for the snare are really the way to go. I picked up an AKG off of Ebay and will likely get a Shure for the snare soon. I'm thinking of using the kick mic in the package for the floor tom. Scott said it worked pretty good. I know others here don't care for the low quality of some of these mics but for what I'm doing, I can't break the bank and I'm not least until I can spend more $. I've trended towards the Nady because of the extra mics (7). But there are packs of 3 or 4 if that's all you'd like.

Here's the link...I was just looking at it before checking out this thread. But you can search for Cad and others too.

Like another said below, we still need drum clips, cables, etc. along with a mixer. I've had one on layaway at the local store for a while but you can search Ebay for some boards too. I actually found a bigger board for less at the local store than what was on Ebay so just check everything out before buying.

Well, I'm rambling a bit and I need to get back to work....hope this helps in some way!

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