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Default Re: best situation for practice?

I've got drums skattered all over town. I have my gig kit in cases at the house along with a beat up practice set with a few cymbals set up in a spare bedroom at the house. My good cymbals are set up at the practice studio along with a Pearl Export that belongs to my guitar player's son. It kind of sucks not being able to keep all my good gear in one place to practice on. The only time they all come together is when we gig. On another note, I once had a practice pad set up at my work. It was pretty awesome- downtown on the 3rd floor of my work there was a little room with two windows looking out at the city. I would go up there after work and lose myself for a couple of hours. Unfortunately, we had to knock down the wall and convert that space for extra warehousing. I miss those days.
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