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Default Re: Hurricane Susan

Just to get technical, you're better off without an electric car in terms of 'green' credentials. Batteries are nasty things and it involves a lot of cross-continental transport to build the cars. As a result, they are actually no better ecologically over the time period that most cars are in service for. Add to that the fact that the batteries will need replacing every few years (adding more manufacturing pollution) and it's really a net loss.

Hydrogen cars are a different proposition and one I wholeheartedly support. In the meantime, you're best off maintaining an older car properly and driving it sensibly. It's incredible what changing a few driving habits can do to fuel economy. Driving a manual also helps with this because you are able to control the gears to the best effect (choosing when you change up is key to fuel economy) but even without a manual gearbox, you can shed some weight on your car (throw out the useless things you always carry! We all do it!) and make sure your tyres are at the correct pressures. Keep off the throttle going uphill as much as possible and use your accelerator downhill to add momentum.

That's my lecture for the day.
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