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Whew..helloow all....I just got power back an hour ago.I was one of the lucky ones.No damage to my home,but my daughter lost everything.Nothing any longer to go home too.Its just gone.She and the fam are with my son who has a big place and power..

I don't know what you've heard,but certain parts of Queens and Staten Island no longer exist.Over 40,000 homeless.To really help matters,a noreaster blew through last night with 40-50MPH winds,and 3 " of snow.

I was hooked up to a small generator,enough for a light and the radio for me and my neighbor.Some one siphoned all of my gas out of my Jeep.I hope he needed it more than I did.

Disaster relief was slow in coming.The NYPD,FDNY,Sanitation,EMS were real troopers.A lot of lives were saved..some real heroic stuff.Cops and firemen pulling people off of roof tops,with downed electric lines sparking right next to them.The tidal surge was stronger and larger than predicted,and came further inland than expected.It was also much faster moving

I helped out were ever I could,mostly going from door to door checking to make sure nobody was trapped or needed medical help.Food and gasoline were and still are in short supply.

Like I said,I'm not sure of what the media said about this,but in some parts of the tri-state ares,it was as bad as it could possibly get.This storm was actually worse than predicted,and anyone that says otherwise is a liar.

That was something I never want to live through again...and I was one of the lucky ones.

The death toll on Staten Island alone was 25,including a long time friend of mine who I knew from Boy Scouts.

Thank you to those concerned about my safety,but it'll take more then a hurricane to take me out.

Nice to hear also that the Americans (next time,spell it with a capitol A) are causing all the global warming.American industry is certainly part of the problem,but there's enough blame to go around.It reminds me of something about throwing stones,and living in glass houses.

Steve B
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