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When I was in the Army I boxed. Besides that being Asian it was mandatory I practice martial arts. Started with Karate and then moved to Tai Chi, Kung Fu and Shuai jiao (Chinese Wrestling). The absolute best shape I was ever in was when I boxed in the Army. We had a very demanding fitness program that was mixed with normal Infantry fitness.

After I stopped fighting I got into distance running. The first time I left the Army I got into weight lifting. I got really big. I went back in the Army and then tried out for cool stuff and realized I needed the endurance side. Started the cross fit and another insane routine and got really happy where I was. About that time I started serious drumming again.

I don't think any of it affected my drumming. These days I just do cross fit, weights and running. Sometimes I get sore but thats it. Oh yeah to be clear I was in and out the Army a couple times.
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