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Default Re: Congratulations to president Obama and the american people

Originally Posted by Bernhard View Post
We don't want political discussions on Drummerworld Forum.

But congratulations are ok for me....

In this sense we admins do the work...

OK was just going by the rules you set up my bad..

Using the Off Topic Lounge
The original purpose of the Off Topic forum was to discuss subjects that were musical in nature but not necessarily drum-related. We have allowed a bit of leeway with this definition, but we have discovered through trial and error what fits here and what doesn't. Please do not discuss extremely trivial matters. Do not post jokes or poetry. Do not discuss politics or religion.

I also see all judgements on what is political and what is not is ultimately up to you and I am sure if Romney had won you would have allowed this as well. I apologize for bringing into question your authority and wisdom on such matters.