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Default Re: Introduce Yourself

real name? Thomas Jacob Lee (<--Totally serious) Prefer to go by Tom. Will accept Tommy from girls...usually...
age? 15
how long been playing? 3 years messing around, half a year of committed study
origin of user name? song off OK Computer, also band name
top 5 drummers? Steve Gadd, Josh Freese, Yoshiki, Nick Mason, Myself (as corny as that sounds)
make of drumkit? Pacific CX, blue onyx
make of cymbal? b8 hats and crash (ugh!) 2002 paiste ride (working to replace others)
where do you practice? basement- i am king of this basement
are you in a band/s? indeed, since march of 2005
covers or originals? both, trying to take it easy on the covers
what style of music? many many, but alt rockish stuff is a favourite
favourite take out food? Marks & Spencers sandwhiches, Kaiten Sushi (not really takeout)
country? UK & Japan blood, USA life
one really odd fact about yourself? I want to pick up accordian and start a tango band
how did you start drumming? Have had a long history of playing on my legs with my hands. In middle school band I decided that I could Mesdefinately play better than the entire percussion section. Messed around at Guitar Center on many occasions. Finally was given a set that was going to be thrown away. Recently replaced that on the count of being in a band.
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