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Jeff also shows up BIGTIME for "Chicago" .... on "17", the first tune is all Jeff.

I thought for years that was Seraphine, but it was Porcaro on "Stay the Night".

Jeff also played for Contemporary Christian artist Sandi Patti on her record, "Another Time Another Place".

I've gotten the video that's posted up here... I'm NOT a drummer; my main thing is keyboards/vocals/flute ...but I'm learning from watching Jeff's segments on that tape.
I didn't complete MUS482 on kit; or even on concert snare. Arm injuries will do that.
But now that it's completely better; I'm gonna try again.

One of the things Jeff said is key. PHRASING. I was taught that on a rediculous level by my piano instructors --- anyway. He was an amazing musician; not just a time keeper. There was more than "metronome" to his playing. Just watching the video ---during the opening Jam, the smile never leaves his face. That's true joy there.
Loving what you do.

PS: "Creature Stomp" kicks; but they rolled credit and I couldn't SEE what he was doin'.
That sucked. ANYBODY got the title of the Opening jam those guys do on that thing?
It's my favorite thing on the entire video; he's all over EVERYWHERE> The guy had the lightest hands of anybody I've ever heard or seen. Phenominal.

Saturday he'd have been 52. Has it been that long since he left??? Good NIGHT.

Anywho; drummers aren't the only people affected by guys like Jeff. the influence was MUCh broader. I am one of those "non drummers" who absolutely LOVED hearing "Lido Shuffle" and the things he did on Bonnie Raitt's "Luck of the Draw" caused my jaw to drop.

I was sunbathing and filling out housing request forms on 9/05/02. I heard the news guy say "Porcaro" and "heart attack" and it didn't sink in until about two hours later that he'd gone. Shock. Like when I heard of Anthony Berger (Gospel pianist) passing away at the keyboard in February of this year. Absolute denial for a few hours.

Sheer, unadulteraed, God-Given "Groove". How else to explain what Gift??

I don't know if the hole he left in the industry has been filled...YET!

It's gonna take awhile.............

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