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Default Re: Drumnetics, anyone???

I own the Nucleus3 and Mike made adjustable links for me, but the new model has a solid link which has been made to a length well-suited to the new design. It plays so smooth and effortless, and with such a natural feel it is beyond the Nucleus3 by quite a leap.

If Mike gets this new design into production I truly believe it will consign spring-based pedals to the dark ages. With the footboard magnets, and now the axle magnets this device, literally, almost plays itself. I cannot help but call it the Velvet Rocket to Mars. I have never been able to play quads and quints so easily. I have a modified Nucleus with the axle magnets. Having played the new 3XF my pedals are very close, but still, the new design is even smoother and faster and more immediate, stroke for stroke.

I do not exaggerate when I say this pedal will create the biggest stir in pedals since the stage was lit up with the original Speed King in 1937. People were completely blown away at 2012 summer NAMM. No joke. This device is a serious unit.
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