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Originally Posted by Drumquest2 View Post
Hello Andy, if this clip - is your band, then that's what I'm referring to; otherwise I've confused you by 'pasting' someone else's thread!

If so, sorry.
Yes, that's me. It's my (now retired) Spaun maple kit. Ride is a 24" Amedia Vigor. Recorded on a Zoom Q3 Handycam.

Originally Posted by NUTHA JASON View Post
i got that 8% figure at a music service conference in January. i feel that if the governemnt doesn't actively encourage music education, and by extension live music, then the number will dwindle in coming years.

Interesting Nutha. I was most surprised at such a big number. By my rough calculation, that's 130 billion pounds the UK earns from music. Seems way high to me, but I agree, even if the truth is less by a factor of 10, the level of support provided for music, considering only it's economic value, is pitiful.
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