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Originally Posted by Stu_Strib
The part where you say they are 20% Pantera/Tool/Rage (although they've been around longer than Tool and Rage) is exactly why I don't like them as much. Its that 20% (dare I say sell-out?) that seems like a concerted effort to be more popular, rather than be more gooder (my word!).
You mean, unlike that 20% of fusion that sounds like 80s AOR? Oh, and just to address the swiping-from-Rage-and-Tool thing... that came later. First Tool/RATM cribs I noticed were on Scenes From A Memory (both in the early minutes of "Home") and there's a really obvious Pantera riff on "The Test That Stumped Them All" from SDIT. So yeah, that's just in recent years. Before that they just sounded like Rush, so I guess you can enjoy them as purist for everything prior to Falling Into Infinity, no?

My point is I prefer the purists to the popularists is all. Completely 100% my opinion and perrogative. Your disagreement is kinda silly. Its like me saying I like Green Day, then you saying they are just a ripoff of 70s and 80s punk. Well, yeah, so. I still like it. (hypothetically speaking, of course).

I think we killed the whole "fusion sucks and is nothing more than crappy porn music" thread elsewhere.
This is a touch different. You do repeatedly seem to assert that other bands or styles of music are derivative of fusion (which suggests that fusion is superior, these other styles inferior) on a regular basis. That's really not the case. Fusion is derived from a bunch of other styles - hence the name - and those styles have also influenced other genres. It's a bit like saying that Brazillian music is derivative of Hip Hop because they share some minor rhythmic similarities in that they're both basically born from an African rhythmic tradition. You're quite welcome to say that, but it just doesn't make any sense.

If you want to talk about purists in Fusion, what are you listening to Vital Information for? They're very much later generation, heavily influenced fusion rather than the innovators that Return to Forever, Lifetime, Mahavishnu or Headhunters were. Your words don't add up to your tastes.
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