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Originally Posted by larryz View Post
Scientists in denial. Really nothing on the national news, television networks. Endless hours of titillating coverage and nothing at all. Really sad. They just chalk it up to "it's natural." Climate change isn't meaningfully discussed. Presidential candidates ignore it. Why? Follow the money. While towns are wiped out politicians can rest easy knowing that the oil companies who bankroll their campaigns will always be there as long as they keep delaying and delaying meaningful discussion and action concerning global warming. They can be "inconclusive" forever and just let our grandkids deal with it. Pathetic.

Now back to drumming.
You're a little off the track here. I work with climate scientists. NONE of these scientists are in denial AT ALL. What they say is true, hurricanes are simply natural phenomena. They are small scale events ....those on a time and length scale that cannot be predicted by any climate models. This is also why we cannot predict weather. What climate models of Weaver and Oppenheimer DO tell us, is extreme events such as Sandy become more common with climate change. Their prediction on this ring true, and its obviously happening in our lifetime. None of them are in denial on this. They simply could not predict Sandy or its magnitude itself.

Politicians are voted in. If you want action of global change, vote in candidates who have the courage to put it on the table. Challenge a political system in which millions of campaign dollars need to be raised (from corporations with deep pockets) in order to run for office.

Sadly Katrina, Sandy etc. may at some point get these folks to wake up...its costing $50 billion.
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