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Default Re: Is free Jazz the best Jazz?

Originally Posted by Natewest View Post
Free jazz is the reason good jazz died.I see no point in listening to people soloing on brass instruments.I have no idea why so many jazz artists who improvise are held to such a high regard.The songs lacks structure and melody.Smooth jazz is just like that as well.The music is cliche and boring with absolutely no structure.
Lacking in structure and melody?

Crikey. I think you've rather missed the point.

I'm a composer. I'm not a composer of any kind of Jazz but what I compose (Noise) takes the same basic aesthetic framework as Free Jazz. It's about rejection. It's about provocation and it's about asking fundamental questions. What is music? Do we need melody? If it's disorganised, is it still music? All of these are legitimate questions raised from the study of 'Free' musics.

If you want to read more, may I suggest buying 'Audio Culture: The Aesthetics of Modern Music' and giving the articles in there a read? It's really fascinating.

There. I'll make it easy for you.
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