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Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
Of course ;) Why did you expect anything else?
Let's see she can't sleep because she needs the sound of a fan to sleep (generator is off while we sleep). The smell of the exhaust from the generator is making her sick. Even though I shut it off at night. And it's outside. She was sick all day at work, exaggerated. She comes home from work yesterday, first thing she says, very accusingly, how come the generator is on when the power is back on? (Our neighbors power was restored, I knew this, ours was still off) Nice to see you too babe. I'm not shutting this thing off until I know we are back on because it doesn't like to start up too easily. Washing my hair in ice cold water this morning...after struggling with the generator for a half she could have power to get ready for work... Hey, watch it, you're dripping water on my clothes...I'm trying very hard to be nice. She has it hard enough.
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