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Originally Posted by Swexx View Post
I hope you guys are doing well so far.

The news articles and flashes about the hurricane have been kinda extreme so far.
I don't know how they do it in the States, but here in Sweden a lot of newspapers tend to write pretty extreme and "scary" headlines. Today the headline about the hurricane is "THEY DIED IN THE STORM" and yesterday it was "PEOPLE WILL DIE!"

Some article said that the americans are yet to connect the hurricane to global warming and such. Have there been any talk about global warming, or carbondioxide, or discussions about how we destroy our planet? A journalist wrote that after this hopefully the americans will understand what we're doing to mother Earth (and take bigger responsibility for it). Have the press connected the disaster to global warming yet?

Never. We are capitalist pigs. In fact, if the Republicans had their way, we wouldn't even have a FEMA to "help" people. This agency was put into place by President Jimmy Carter, FYI (who, btw, was the president that legalized home brewing).
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