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Default Re: road safety idea - carrot as well as stick.

Though I applaud the effort, I do however find the idea a little naive: I mean, positive reinforcement is fine when one is trying to potty-train a toddler, but if our society gets to the point where grown adults are only behaving in a civil manner because they are rewarded for it then it'll take a lot more than road tax Nectar Points to fix the situation. It's kind of like saying "I have never burgled another house so I deserve a discount on my council tax" - which is patently absurd.

The reason some people drive like dickheads (or act like dickheads generally) is so deeply ingrained in their upbringing/family/environment that giving bonuses to people who behave normally ain't gonna make a bit of difference to how some pikey in a suped-up Vauxhall Astra behaves.

I feel your pain about car insurance - both my wife and I are well over 30 with clean licenses and fully comp insurance for a 5 year old 998cc hatchback is still a joke: I met a kid recently (another drummer as it happens) who drives a puny little Renault Clio with a clean license and he couldn't get insured for less than 3 grand. This is only ever going to be the case with insurance premiums that are mandatory: they know you have to have it so they can charge whatever they want - and because most people will get their insurance company to foot the bill for any damages then the garages (especially the franchised dealer garages) charge whatever they want and get it. Hence costs that are spiralling up and up. A relative of mine bumped a neighbour's car [which was a regular family car - not a Bentley or anything] and put a 2 inch crack in the bumper. Despite the minor cosmetic damage there was nothing wrong with it at all. The local "approved" dealer wanted about 600 to replace and respray it. Go figure.

Although the UK has it's fair share of morons on the road I'd say overall driving in this country is a damn sight safer than some parts of the world - I mean places where they don't use seatbelts or even headlights.
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