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Default Re: My new DrumSound kit

Beautiful kit and good stuff you got there! Nice snares and cymbals! I don't prefer 13'' toms, but it's your choice and I guess you also like it (: The color of the kit is also beautiful!

I have also that same size and same looking Mapex snare and I have been wondering what model it is. Now I know that! (: It's amazing sounding snare when you tune it tight!
I had remo coated ambassador on it when I got it, but I prefer more aquarian texture coated on it. I just wanted to try something new on it and it worked very well!

May I ask you, how much was that Mapex snare? I bought mine from my buddy for 90 Euros and I didin't really know is it too much, but at least it sounds good for that price.
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