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Default Trilok Gurtu

how many of you guys have heard him??
i got his album 'kathak' back in '99 and it was a real eye-opener for me. over the years, i've managed to get almost all of his albums, and the coolest part is how different each one is from the other.
right now, he's doing that indo-afro-pop thing, but the albums he did in between like 'believe' and 'bad habits die hard' are almost jazz-rock/funk fusion and i know some of you guys will love that stuff.
also, one album everyone should check out is the john mclaughlin trio 'live at the royal festival hall' with gurtu on drums and kai eckhardt on bass... infact, if i'm not mistaken, that album is one of vinnie colaiuta's favourite albums.

he's got it all, the groove, the chops and his own instantly identifiable (and now widely copied) sound.

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