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Default Re: ...for the jazz cats ...

Originally Posted by kafkapenguin View Post
Here's a question for the collective wisdom of you cats. Since I bought all my drums off E-Bay I plan on replacing the snare and tom heads, both Pearl. What heads would be best for a "jazzy" sound? and should I replace the reso's as well? I'm thinking maybe Evans G-2's? All input appreciated.

I use G-1s on all batter heads. The only complaint is that the "crispy" coating wore off rather quickly (2.5 months) but it is still white. It doesn't have that crisp brush sound it used to. I am looking into an aquarian modern vintage.

All of my reso's are also g1s, clear, including the bass drum. Had to mess with this bass drum combo a little but I think it sounds pretty good now.
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