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Default Re: Hurricane Susan

This one will be a bad one.

I moved to Florida and Hurricane Andrew Hit. Then in the early 2000s we went through Francis, Jean, etc..

My wife and I have been through 5 of these together and many more in our lifetimes.

The last time our neighborhood blew up, we were in Jupiter, FL.

My mother and two of my brothers live in the DC area. They are getting it right now.

My younger brother is getting married next weekend in Sea Isle City, NJ.

The eye of Hurricane Sandy is expected to make landfall about 20 miles north of there. The beach house that we rented for 10 people is already flooded. My brother's fiancee is stuck in her house because of flooding and her parents business office is flooding right now. The yacht club for the reception is flooded. We haven't checked the church yet. All of these locations are only 4-5 blocks from the beach.

I feel so bad for my brother's mother and father-in-law. They've spent over 50K for this 200+ guest wedding and it's all turning to shit. They didn't evacuate because they are in denial. We are all worried.

My plane ticket is from Atlanta to Atlantic City on Wednesday evening. I don't think I'll be on that flight.

Everyone here at DW that's getting dumped on by this one, I am praying for you.
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