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Originally Posted by larryace View Post
I am in the direct path of the hit. I mean on the news, it says it's headed straight for Larryace's house, no lie lol.
I was thinking that you'd be right in line. Fingers crossed!

As well as the locust trees, is there much good wood in your house? ;-)

Originally Posted by OrangeAgent27 View Post
I'm here in DC and I'm not sure if its supposed to arrive today or tommorow. We've had our share of good storms in the last 5 years but they've always been much, much weaker than predicted. The problem we face is Pepco, our energy provider, is an abomination. If Mother Nature even looks at us funny, we lose power for days.
I hate that. Can't you change companies? We privatised our electricity and I have stuck with the group who were formerly public owned and they're solid. Had a loss of power in a storm earlier this year when the wind (weirdly) spilt a tall conifer in half and that half feel on the main line feeding power to my place and they sorted it pretty quickly given that they were inundated with calls.

No doubt the fact that the power pole was "arcing and sparking" in the rain helped speed things along - not a comforting sight to see near your home.


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