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Default Re: Show off your Yamahas!

Originally Posted by mussh View Post
Im very fond of them =).

The depths of the toms i am not positive about. From left to right:

1968 14" Ludwig Super sensitive
Tama 8" timbalito (spelling?) tuned fairly high.
8" Yamaha Oak tom
10" Yamaha Oak tom
12" Yamaha Oak tom
Floor toms:
13" Yamaha Oak
14" Yamaha Oak
Bass drum:
20" x 17" (i think) Yamaha Oak
Main snare:
A modern Slingerland wood snare.... i think from the 90's...... i got damn lucky with the finish.

i do not muffle any of my drums (including the bass).

if you have any other questions, feel free =).

That's awesome, man! I've got a similar thing going on without an 8" tom (10, 12, 14, 16, 20) on my Stage Custom. I love yours though. Probably sounds killer. 13" floor toms are so much fun too.
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