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I started on snare with the school band when I was 11. The teacher, bless her, did not have much guidance for drummers ... and I was taught matched grip.

A bit later, I started seeing videos of drummers (no youtube in the early 80's!), two of my faves at the time - John Densmore and Stewart Copeland - played trad. As I "discovered" all the great jazz guys a few years later, I noticed they played trad too. hhhmmm .... In the early teen brain, this was rationalized as ALL good drummers played trad ... and I switched. lol I remember the frustration at the time of re-learning rudiments, buzz rolls, etc. with the trad grip.

Interesting story about Buddy - I didn't know he had students. Man, to have a one on one lesson (or share a cold beverage and chat) with him. I heard Joe Ascione was his drum tech and he evidently learned lots from Buddy ... but I didn't think he was a student?


** edit/correction: I didn't mean to insinuate I was taught matched as a lesser grip due to the teacher's ignorance. That sort of can across incorrectly. I don't think she knew much of any kind of grip - I picked the sticks up with a matched grip and was off! **

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