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Default Hurricane Susan

Here we go again.In the last couple of years we've been having an increase of what they now call "significant weather events",in the northeast.I can deal with the snow in winter,and the occasional noreaster,but this new "perfect frankenstorm" has me a bit worried.

I always trust my instincts with these "weather events"and this one has me worried.

I'm glad Florida was spared the true brunt of the hurricane,and thank the weather gods that it moved out quickly.

But now,it's slowing WAY down,and rapidly expanding.It's likly to linger for a couple of days.Staten Islanders are already in full panic mode,and buying batteries,bread,eggs mikl and water(i'll never buy water as long as they make water filters) like it was the end of the world.How you can drink 4 gallons of milk,and 6 loaves of bread before it goes bad is beyond me.

At any of luck and stay safe to all my fellow forum members that are in harms way.I'm sticking it out...till they tell me I have to evac.Thank the weather gods I have OEM training.:)

Steve B
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