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Default Re: What have you learned about neediness while being a drummer?

I'll bite.

My opinion: Online dating is depressing and fairly useless.

The ratio of men to women is 10,000:1, you get knocked back by chicks you wouldn't look twice at in the street... you waste your time chatting about absolutely nothing to either be removed/blocked/ignored or to go and meet them and they're disappointingly fat/ugly compared to their pictures... not that looks is my focus but I'm almost always misled. And there are thousands of chicks out there just looking to have their ego stroked, stringing lonely guys along. Their profiles all say the same shit.

I've met some okay chicks and it has gotten me laid a bit but honestly the effort you have to go to just to meet the person and see what they're like is just too much.

I say go and get rejected in real life, it's more fun. But seriously your chances are much better if you go out into the world and just be human.
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if not for my own "self-indulgent rubbish" what else is the internet good for?
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