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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Hi everybody,
since you have a nice form I will use it to introduce myself.

Real name -- Massimiliano
Age -- 39
How long have you been playing-- about 20
Origin of user name-- My name (nick-name for non-italian speakers) + familyname
Your top 5 drummers -- Phil Collins, Gavin Harrison, Pick Withers, John Bonham, Ringo.
Make of drumkit -- Self built (not assembled - built) maple kit 14x20, 7x10, 9x13, 10x14, 12x16, snare 5x14
Make of cymbal -- Zildjian K (EAK) and Avedis ('50 and '60s)+ 2 Wuhan China
Where do you practice? -- Home (e-drums) + rehearsal room.
Are you in a band? -- Yes, The PUMMP (yes, two M, don't ask why)
Do you play covers or originals? Originals + a couple of covers
What style of music? Progressive rock
Favourite take out food? -- Greek by Pano's
What country do you live in? -- Germany
One really odd fact about yourself? -- I'm Italian, I work in Germany for a Belgian company.
How did you start drumming? Air drumming on Hotel California way before the term was even invented (maybe)


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