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Originally Posted by dmacc View Post
Yikes... Those spiders look nasty. Are they all outside still at this point?

Had my share of struggles with bees / wasps this past June - August. Had to call a service to come spray our entire house. It was just unbearable to be outside.
Thankfully outside the house. I'm tolerant of webs outside to keep insects down and attract birds but funnel webs so close to home is a dealbreaker. I think they'd been there for a while - I always thought they were mostly found nesting in the ground and it was just a glimpse of one today that made me wonder.

I feel guilty in a way because they'd obviously existed peacefully in that spot for some time but they're just too dangerous to have hanging around. I just blasted the wasps this evening.

I'm the most dangerous animal in this joint and I don't like competition mwuhahaha
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