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Default Re: What have you learned about neediness while being a drummer?

Originally Posted by Bo Eder View Post
Is that all that needs to be said? Why didn't you say so? Things would be so much more efficient ;)
Yep Bo, if you want to avoid being hemmed in by the complexities of clever chicks then that's how to do it!

I go through phases of neediness and not worrying. I found out a very interesting thing recently - the less nicotine I have, the more I worry about being single. The body's neediness affected my mind to behave in the same way - to be drawn to unresolved areas in my life. It's my body's way of telling me that there is an unresolved issue it would like to address (ie. lack of nicotine).

Nicotine addiction - the ultimate in neediness. A gigantic head trip - you have to constantly step back so you can laugh at it rather than let it get to you. It all just comes down to chemicals ...

PS. Some claim to be 5As when they're really 7Bs ... no no, please don't ban me!! :)


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