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Default What have you learned about neediness while being a drummer?

This is a question that's a bit hard to ask but have you learned anything from being a drummer where bands that want you are basically very abundant as opposed to guitarist? I mean have you learned about what kind of guitarist stands out from the masses?

I went from the very needy world of guitarist to the in demand world of being a drummer by spending several hundred bucks and a bunch of hours practice time. But I still have a very needy problem. In the online dating world womens profiles get tons of guys messaging them while guys profiles get almost nothing even when they are very well written and have great pics. I'm sure some of you will say "The message is clear cut, spend several thousand dollars and a bunch of hours to get a sex change". Problem is I'm not gay and doing so would be a major sin!

So have any of you guys learned about who succeeds in a low demand world by being in a high demand world?
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