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Originally Posted by Talismanis View Post
Hi Derek, I'm a big fan!
What are your thoughts on practicing without a pedal - does it actually help build up speed and endurance at all? I'm sure I've read George say somewhere that he thinks it is of very little benefit, but I may be wrong.

I'm going into the Army this October as a musician, so I'll have plenty of opportunity to practice at that stage, but first it means 3 1/2 months of military training where unless I can sneak a practice pad and practice kick into camp I'll have no opportunity to practice, I got my first double kick pedal February this year and I'm still at a very very very basic level, so I'd look to keep practicing as opposed to stop for such a long time.

Also, can you remember when you first started doing double bass drumming? I've been playing for about 9 years, and I'm 18, but up until now I've really neglected my foot technique. I'd like to be fast and in control, preferably while I'm still fairly young. :)

Thanks a lot! I'm off to go slug away at my pedals.
Hey there

I'd say that any control you can add to work feet and hands....go for it. I commonly play just on the floor and my lap with my hands to work out patterns, etc.
Although, that type of practicing doesn't do much for the "endurance part of Double Bass, etc (I believe that what George was getting at)
I do feel that it benefits your overall coordination and control so it couldn't hurt.
Use that time as a way to get down those tricky stickings, etc....and, don't worry about the "speed" aspect til you can get to the real drums.

I've been dabbling in DB for over 24 years. So, I've been at it a good while. haha.

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