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I want a Guru - and I'm gunna get one ...

A lot of sports are boring as a spectator. I like to play tennis but most games are terrible to watch. Half the time I can't see the ball.

Cricket (which is at least more interesting than baseball) isn't exactly good viewing ...

1. Man slowly walks back thirty metres rubbing his nether regions with the red ball, creating a tell-tale red stain

2. When he reaches the marker another man walks up to him and then they start pointing to various parts of the field. Sometimes a third party joins in.

3. As they chat and point at least one of them will be furiously chewing gum

4. Man #2 goes away and Man #1 starts running

5. There's a sudden blur of arms and the batter down the other takes a swing with the bat and then everyone starts running.

6. Usually at this time somebody shouts, often the man with the red stain.

7. Then they settle down. At times stares are exchanged.

8. Return to #1

There is a variation of 5-7:

5.1 the man with the bat misses the ball.

6.1 The wicketkeeper and the fielders all jump in the air shouting. The batter shakes his head.

7. At least one of the fielders will say something snide to the batsman

7.2 The batter will walk up the pitch and pat a microscopic piece of grass and amble back again

Then back to #1
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