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Default Re: Barriemore Barlow

Count me as another fan of Mr. Barlow, he's definitely underrated in the pantheon of 1970s rock drummers. I always found his double bass work to be particularly inspiring -- Hunting Girl, Minstrel in the Gallery, Conundrum, etc.

Originally Posted by Mike1964 View Post
Was reading on Martin Barre's website that, now he and Doane Perry have been ,sort of pushed aside by Mr Anderson,Mr Barre wants to try and get together some of the old guard from the 70's line ups too do a tour playing the more heavy tracks from the Tull catalogue. He spoke too B.B and Clive Bunker,also John Evan who lives in Australia.Now that would be something too see...for those who never experienced the famous 70's line ups..a dream come true.Fingers x
Fingers crossed, for sure -- this sounds awesome!
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