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Default Re: What got you started playing drums?

I'm not sure what actually happened to make me want to play, I just always wanted to hit things with lumps of wood! I would sit watching bands on Top of the Pops and drum along on my legs, and then the floor once I got some sticks. My biggest influence in my early years was Phil Collins and Genesis, as well as my diverse tastes in music which have seen me play everything from musicals to punk and all points in between. I think what younger players lack in education and what you can learn from other genres results from the plethora of specialized musical inputs that they can choose from. There is nothing like 2 radio stations and 2 tv stations to limit your choices and that she expose you to things you might otherwise not choose to expose yourself to. The ability to avoid what isn't directly your thing allows younger players to avoid everything but their first choice, meaning that kids grow up on a singular diet of rubbish pop or Rn'B or death metal or whatever. Ultimately this specialization can only be to the detriment of their own musical development.
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